Evergreen trees are susceptible to "winter burn." Learn more about winter burn or contact WoodChuck Tree Service for tree removal.

Is Winter Burn Hurting Your Trees?

Evergreens are bountiful in Western New York. If you’re lucky enough to have one on your property, it brings a touch of the holidays to your home all winter long.

But evergreen trees are susceptible to “winter burn.” If the ground freezes and the tree is unable to replenish moisture, the needles dehydrate and turn brown. This winter burn occurs on the sunniest parts of the tree where moisture loss is greatest.

Don’t panic! In many cases, your evergreen trees will bounce back come spring. You can prevent winter burn by:
• Watering your trees until the ground freezes over
• Applying mulch to the roots to seal in moisture
• Wrap trees in burlap
• Try an anti-desiccant spray

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