Large Tree Removal Service

At WoodChuck Tree Service we love big projects that other tree service companies might shy away from. If you have a large tree or even a large property with multiple trees that need to be removed, turn to WoodChuck!

We have the professional equipment to remove any size tree from any location, regardless of it’s proximity to nearby structures.

“Working with Joyce, Jake, Erick and Dave was truly a pleasure! We had a giant tree removed from our back yard, you could see it behind the house and had a fence in the way to boot! They were very prepared and moved the fence on the day before tree removal and because the tree took the full day in December they came back the following day to put the fence right back in place. It was really nice getting to meet everyone, and oh yeah the tree was rotting out the middle on large sections so it needed to come down. It was really neat to see the remote control stump grinder in action, made for a really interesting day. These guys had to work really high over power lines and my house, but they were also really safe about it too. And they left me with 0 clean up, which was the best part, highly recommend!” – Christopher Z.

Make Woodchuck Tree Service your FIRST call when it comes to tree removal. You won’t be disappointed!

Call 716-774-8717 or request your free estimate.

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