March tree care tip: remove ivy from trees on your property. Ivy can conceal problems like decay and collect water, which encourages fungus growth.

March Tree Care Tip: Remove Ivy

In March the weather should (hopefully) start to take a turn as we approach the spring season. Unlike clover that (hopefully) brings your property good luck, ivy brings nothing but the potential for hidden problems.

As ivy grows up the tree trunk and spreads, it creates a barrier that conceals signs of decay, disease, or pests, and retains moisture, putting your tree at risk of fungus growth. Ivy can also compete with your tree for sunlight and nutrients, so removing it, or having a professional lawn care specialist remove it for you, will benefit your tree in the long run.

If your tree already shows signs of decay, disease, or pests, be proactive and contact WoodChuck Tree Service for professional tree removal.

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