Signs of Insect Infestation

Shade, privacy, curb appeal…having a tree on your property has its benefits but when the tree’s health begins to decline, it becomes attractive to insects and pests. Insects like wood-boring beetles, termites, and carpenter ants are attracted to weakened, damaged, dying or dead plants and trees.

It can be hard to tell whether a tree is infested unless it shows external signs of damage:

  • Thinning leaves or needles/stunted leaf growth
  • Chewed foliage
  • Discoloration of needles or leaves
  • White spots on leaves
  • Stunted branch growth
  • Holes or loose bark on the trunk
  • Frass or sawdust
  • Lifting roots

If you think your tree shows signs of insect infestation or decay, contact Woodchuck Tree Service today for tree removal. Call 716-774-8717 or request your free estimate.