WoodChuck Tree Service is booking spring tree removal. Signs your tree is dead or dying.

Spring Tree Removal 2023

As spring begins to bloom and trees start to sprout this year’s leaves, monitor the trees on your property for signs of distress, decay, or disease.

A key indicator there is a problem will be if your tree doesn’t grow that rich green canopy like it has in previous years. Different species of trees “leaf out” at different times and at different rates. It’s possible your tree could be a late bloomer!

Signs your tree may be dead or dying:

  • No leaf growth
  • No leaves or dead leaves on only one side of the tree
  • An excess amount of broken branches and twigs on the ground
  • Peeling or flaking bark
  • Open wounds
  • Rot or fungus
  • Root damage
  • Insects/insect damage

We’re well underway with our spring tree removal service! Get your home or business on our schedule by contacting WoodChuck Tree Service at 716-774-8717. Or request your free estimate.