★★★★★ Review From Google

On 11/15/18, Woodchuck Tree Service took down 6 of my ash trees and were around my shed and along the property line in very cold weather conditions. They put thick boards down so when they move their equipment on the property it doesn’t ruin your lawn. They took every tree down with no damage to my property and went beyond to clean all the branches and wood chips all over my property, they even used the leaf blower to clean my driveway and picked up at the street. They ground up all the branches and took away the wood. I watched them most of the day and they had safety in mind for my property, themselves and worked great as a team and crew. Trees that are 35 feet plus is a dangerous job and I commend them on a well done job. Thank you Tim, Jake and crew. I know I’ll be using you for the rest of the trees that need to come down.
Again, Woodchuck returned on 10/2/19 to take down a huge Ash Tree in my front yard that was super close to my house. They ground the stump down too. As usual they did an awesome job, they are professional and experts with tree removal and stump removal. I’m impressed that my landscaping was untouched. All the tree leaves, branches and sticks were all cleaned and raked up. Thank you Jake and crew!

– Denise Rezabek

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