Prevent property damage and think prevention with professional tree removal service.

Tree Service: Prevent Property Damage

April is known for rain showers. As we enter this rainy season, consider tree service as a method of prevention.

Trees could cause property damage in two main ways:

  1. The tree itself could toppled. As the ground gets saturated, it becomes tougher for tree roots to anchor in the soil. Tree roots that exhibit signs of root rot, roots that are shallow, or roots that have been damaged by exposure to landscaping or construction equipment all pose a risk of uprooting.
  2. Branches could break off in high winds. Trees that are suffering from internal decay, fungus , insect damage, and other issues may shed their branches to reallocate nutrients as a method of self-care. Weakened branches may also break from the stress of heavy rains (or snow) and high winds.

If your tree were to uproot or a branch to break off, where would it land? On that grill you just broke out to celebrate spring? On a car parked in your driveway? On the roof of your home or garage?

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