Learn what is tree decay and warning signs your tree may be suffering.

What is Tree Decay?

Like all living things trees age. As a tree ages it can become susceptible to damage, disease, and decay. But what is tree decay?

Tree decay is when the internal structure and systems are attacked and destroyed by pathogens, such as bacteria or fungi, over a period of time. Decay often starts when the tree is wounded–when a branch breaks off or is cut by landscaping or construction equipment–and insects or disease enter through this wound.

While not all of these signs signify decay or a life-threatening disease, there are several visible signs that your tree may be decaying or dying:

  • Leaf, twig, and branch die-back
  • Missing, loose, or sunken bark
  • Fungus like mushrooms or conks at the tree’s base
  • Wounds leaking sap
  • Sawdust around the base of the trunk
  • Leaning trunks

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