Winter Stump Grinding

Not every tree service provides stump grinding, but leftover stumps are both a hassle and a hazard. Not every homeowner is willing to sit, wait, and watch a decaying tree stump on their property either.

Let WoodChuck Tree Service provide top tier winter stump grinding. Stump grinding:

  • Removes the potential for new root growth. (Tree roots can grow into cracked sewer pipes created blockages or under sidewalks and driveways, damaging the concrete or asphalt sublayers.)
  • Removes a potential trip hazard.
  • Protects your lawn from the spread of decay.
  • Prevents the attraction of pests like termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects.
  • Prevents fungi growth. (A risk to pets, small children, and your lawn’s general health.)

When you need professional stump grinding, turn to WoodChuck! Call 716-774-8717 or request your free estimate.