Are branches missing bark after a storm? Let WoodChuck Tree Service inspect your tree to see if tree trimming or tree removal is needed.

Are Branches Missing Bark?

If you notice branches are missing bark after a storm, you may find yourself wondering, “What does this mean for my tree?”

Tree bark is a protective outer layer that guards against insects, disease, and the elements. Some species of trees naturally shed bark but when your tree suffers storm damage, you have to consider the overall health of the tree before proceeding.

Tree Trimming: If the tree is otherwise healthy, there’s a good chance you can simply trim the damaged limb(s) so the tree doesn’t waste nutrients. After it’s removed, monitor the tree for any new signs of decay where the wound was located.

Tree Removal: If the tree is already weakened from disease or decay, removing a damaged limb won’t salvage the tree. In this case, it’s a warning sign that you should take proactive measures to protect your home, business, or property from future damage.

Not sure whether you need tree trimming or tree removal service? Let WoodChuck Tree Service inspect your tree and recommend the best course of action. Call 716-774-8717 or contact us today.