Is Your Tree Deeply Rooted?

As a tree trunk grows higher, the roots grow further out, expanding under your lawn, driveway, or even the sidewalk depending on its location and age.

Deep roots means they’re protected from accidental damage, but when the soil erodes and your tree’s roots are exposed, they become susceptible to damage from:

  • Landscaping equipment (such as a lawnmower)
  • Construction equipment (if having work performed on or near the site of your tree)
  • Animals or insects that feed on or burrow in tree roots

Plus they become a trip hazard for you, your family, and passing pedestrians. Exposed roots don’t always mean your tree is dying, damaged, or diseased, but damaged roots put your tree at risk of disease or insect infestation. It’s important to monitor the tree or have it routinely checked to confirm it is still healthy.

If your tree root’s have caused irreparable damage and the tree now needs to come down, contact WoodChuck Tree Service for exceptional tree removal. Call 716-774-8717 or request your free estimate.